Toastmasters International District 89 Area G3 and G4 Club-officer Training on 2PM- 6PM 24 January 2016

By Sarah Chan, Vice-President of Public Relations

Toastmasters International District 89 Area G3 and G4 Club-officer Training on 2PM- 6PM 24 January 2016 at Outer Harbor Youth Activity Centre. We had the speakers FC Chan, Matt Steele and Kelly Guo, all from our own district 89 officers to give us a fabulous training. We shared our experience with our speakers and Toastmasters members, to build up and work for the Distinguished Club Program. Thank you all of our district officers who came from a long way to make up such a useful and excellent training for us and wish to see you guys all again for the Toastmasters Spring conference coming up at Chengdu, China.
I also want to thank all our members who came to the Toastmasters Club Officers Training despite the cold weather in Macau last Sunday (by the way, 2 degree is really not usual in Macau ;)). I do feel very appreciative of all those emoticon After the training, we went for hot pot to shut out the cold, one of the traditional gatherings in our Toastmasters culture, after every training and meeting.

COT Hot Pot COT Jan. 24

Jan. 18, Meeting #347

By Amanda Lou, Treasurer

We had a very great club meeting yesterday.
The meeting started on time, an opening remark conducted by our club president, Joshua Lee. He always brings with his lovely Elmo to encourage all the club officers and members that they should be active and keep working hard on the Toastmaster learning journey.
Our guest, Mr. Zack was born and raised in Malaysia. He had been staying in Taiwan for 5 years and now is working in Macao as a chef. Wondering when we’ll have the opportunity to test his cooking skills. Of course, he was hot and titled as the BEST speaker of the Table Topics.
Our new member, Cris Jiang just kicked off her TM learning journey yesterday. Through-out her speech, Cris is a lady full of passion and curiosity. She has visited lots of places and tried many kinds of extreme sports, she played her first ever paragliding when she was in Turkey last year. For such a clever lady, enjoying her life every day becomes the most important thing in her life.
We look forward to hearing more stories shared by our members in the next meeting. 3 prepared speeches have been registered by our members.
See u all on Feb1, 2016

Jan. 18th meeting Meeting 347 Jan. 18

Support from Macau Group!!! Thank you!!!

We are overjoyed to receive a generous support from the Macau Group for the Macau Toastmasters club. The resources provided will help people to learn the art of speaking, listening, and leadership. The gift will be put to good use for our volunteer organization and to hold different activities. You are always welcome to visit and join our club. On behalf of the club members, our President Joshua Lee presented an award and gave a speech of gratitude on August 17, 2015. We are honored to announce that Mr. Lao Meng Tong, Mr. Ip Seng Chio, Mr. Lao Iok Pang, and Mr. Lou Kin Hang have been given the title, “Honorary Life President” with the Macau Toastmasters Club. Thank you so much Macau Group and we hope you will join us more often to meet some of the people whose life you are changing! Your support helps our members to achieve their goals! Please kindly visit,



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