Support from Macau Group!!! Thank you!!!

We are overjoyed to receive a generous support from the Macau Group for the Macau Toastmasters club. The resources provided will help people to learn the art of speaking, listening, and leadership. The gift will be put to good use for our volunteer organization and to hold different activities. You are always welcome to visit and join our club. On behalf of the club members, our President Joshua Lee presented an award and gave a speech of gratitude on August 17, 2015. We are honored to announce that Mr. Lao Meng Tong, Mr. Ip Seng Chio, Mr. Lao Iok Pang, and Mr. Lou Kin Hang have been given the title, “Honorary Life President” with the Macau Toastmasters Club. Thank you so much Macau Group and we hope you will join us more often to meet some of the people whose life you are changing! Your support helps our members to achieve their goals! Please kindly visit,



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